At DanceHouse Miami, we believe in giving our students the best possible foundation for their dance career. That means offering specialty classes that put the focus on specific techniques and abilities that will serve them in every dance discipline. These foundational classes include Stretching and a combination class called Leaps and Turns.

Flexibility is a key component to success in the dance world. This makes a class that emphasizes improving that ability crucial. The Stretching classes at DanceHouse Miami are designed to improve each student’s overall range of motion. Limitations and imbalances will be addressed, and students also may find that their body alignment improves with continued practice. Advanced stretching techniques further are recommended for minimizing injuries and after-class soreness.

Leaps and Turns is an intensive class that allows dancers to focus on two of the most critical elements in any dance discipline. Basic and advanced techniques will be explored. By narrowing the concentration down to just these elements, dancers are able to overcome challenges that they might otherwise struggle with for months or years. A Leaps and Turns class may be just what you need to finally master a critical step that takes your performance to the next level.

Please call or text Dancehouse (305)-479-1354 for Schedule and more information.

Students’ Testimonials

Dancehouse has amazing instructors! Rochelle and Alex are gems! Truly a great place to learn and grow as dancers! #DHM

Danelle Diaz

Great studio, director and instructor are amazing.

Leslie Peramo Gonzalez

Rochelle Fereira is a star teacher! If you want your child to receive elite dance training, bring them here!

Elisabeth Alvarez

Rochelle is professional and always has a positive attitude! Definitely recommend this dance studio!

Sabrina Salerno