acro dance on stage

Perhaps no other form of dance requires the grace, power and precision of acro. It’s the dance form for artists who aren’t afraid to break boundaries, and for those who don’t think that dancing has to mean being on your feet.

Acro dance class is designed to help young dancers develop the strength and flexibility that this unique form of artistry demands. We encourage safe stretching techniques and the gradual development of strength to ensure a progression that respects the dancer’s body. The result is artists who are capable of performing complicated tumbling maneuvers that are combined with a foundation of classical dance technique to deliver a breathtaking performance.

Acro can be introduced to dancers at a young age so that they may follow up with more advanced techniques as they develop. Nonetheless, the dancer’s health is always foremost in the instructor’s mind. Students are continuously presented with new challenges in a safe and reassuring environment.

Without a doubt, acro dancers love to perform, and the students at Dance House Miami do so frequently. We like to pair students with other dancers of similar size and ability to encourage improved teamwork and the chance to try even more challenging techniques.

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Students’ Testimonials

Dancehouse has amazing instructors! Rochelle and Alex are gems! Truly a great place to learn and grow as dancers! #DHM

Danelle Diaz

Great studio, director and instructor are amazing.

Leslie Peramo Gonzalez

Rochelle Fereira is a star teacher! If you want your child to receive elite dance training, bring them here!

Elisabeth Alvarez

Rochelle is professional and always has a positive attitude! Definitely recommend this dance studio!

Sabrina Salerno