hip hop dance on stage

If you want to try a dance discipline that’s fresh, funky and has attitude, then hip-hop is for you. With non-stop motion and excitement, hip-hop is a favorite for students and audiences. Anyone who has ever watched a music video and wished they could copy those moves will be excited to try these classes.

Hip-hop started as street dancing. It was usually performed on street corners in urban centers in the 1970s and 1980s before it became more mainstream. Breaking, popping and locking were all the rage on the streets in those days, and they still form the basis of many of today’s best hip-hop moves.

Hip-hop is an especially good choice for students who want to dial up the creativity. That’s because this is one dance discipline in which improvisation is encouraged. In fact, hip-hop dancers frequently engage in freestyle dance-offs to see who can come up with the freshest and most innovative moves. Once you’ve got the basics down, you’re well on your way to developing your own steps to wow the competition.

The hip-hop classes at DanceHouse Miami are designed so that everyone can participate. If you’ve got the urge to move, give hip-hop a try.

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Students’ Testimonials

Dancehouse has amazing instructors! Rochelle and Alex are gems! Truly a great place to learn and grow as dancers! #DHM

Danelle Diaz

Great studio, director and instructor are amazing.

Leslie Peramo Gonzalez

Rochelle Fereira is a star teacher! If you want your child to receive elite dance training, bring them here!

Elisabeth Alvarez

Rochelle is professional and always has a positive attitude! Definitely recommend this dance studio!

Sabrina Salerno