ballet classes
In many ways, ballet is the foundation for all other forms of dance. That is why the instructors at DanceHouse Miami encourage all of our students to engage in an intensive study of the art form that will support their endeavors in every other dance style.
Ballet is characterized by its fluid yet precise movements. The study of it encourages grace and poise as well as learning proper body alignment and carriage. Each of these factors is utilized in the study of other dance forms from lyrical to tap. No dancer can be considered truly accomplished without completing several years of ballet training.
pointe classes
Pointe classes are reserved for intermediate to advanced students of ballet technique who have received instructor approval. Pointe is exceptionally demanding on the dancer’s body, which means that several aspects must be considered before beginning.
Dancing en pointe is meant to showcase the artist’s ability to appear weightless or as if they are dancing on air. Accomplished dancers make the technique look easy, but years of training are required to achieve this effect. It’s crucial for dancers to develop strong feet, ankles and legs before beginning their en pointe training. Additionally, the instructor must ensure that the student understands proper alignment and foot placement throughout their practice.
Jazz is a fun and effervescent discipline that requires clean lines, passion and excellent technique. Well-known and diverse choreographers like Bob Fosse, Gus Giordano, Gene Kelly and Jerome Robbins have shaped this style over the decades to become a favorite of dancers and audiences alike.
At DanceHouse Miami, jazz classes are offered for all ages of dancers so that everyone can enjoy this unique art form. Jazz has its roots in African dance as well as the jazz music of the early decades of the 20th century. Accordingly, jazz touches on many other dance disciplines, including ballet and contemporary. Other influences include Latin and Caribbean rhythms, making jazz a singularly diverse style that appeals to everyone.
tap classes
With its infectious rhythms and lively music, tap dancing is popular with students of all ages. Tap dance relies on unique shoes that have metal “taps” attached to the heels and toes. This art form draws inspiration from other disciplines like Irish dance and African tribal dance to create something that is unique, challenging and fun to learn.
DanceHouse Miami provides tap classes for all ages. As students progress through the various levels, they will build greater dexterity and coordination. Their sense of rhythm will become finely honed, and they will discover that their strength and speed increase with each hour of practice.
If you want to try a dance discipline that’s fresh, funky and has attitude, then hip-hop is for you. With non-stop motion and excitement, hip-hop is a favorite for students and audiences. Anyone who has ever watched a music video and wished they could copy those moves will be excited to try these classes.
Hip-hop started as street dancing. It was usually performed on street corners in urban centers in the 1970s and 1980s before it became more mainstream. Breaking, popping and locking were all the rage on the streets in those days, and they still form the basis of many of today’s best hip-hop moves.
Contemporary and lyrical are two extraordinarily expressive forms of dance, which is why we sometimes teach them in a combined class at DanceHouse Miami. Unlike other styles, lyrical and contemporary dance have few rules and restrictions. This is what makes them such a joy to perform and to watch.
Contemporary dance is a broad category that borrows techniques and disciplines from ballet, jazz and modern dance. This liberated form of artistic expression gives dancers new horizons to explore. The possibilities are as endless as the musical accompaniment, which might range from classical compositions to a tune with a reggae sound. Contemporary evolved from the work of modern dance pioneers like Isadora Duncan and Martha Graham. Where it goes from here is up to the artist.
leaps/turns/stretch classes
At DanceHouse Miami, we believe in giving our students the best possible foundation for their dance career. That means offering specialty classes that put the focus on specific techniques and abilities that will serve them in every dance discipline. These foundational classes include Stretching and a combination class called Leaps and Turns.
Flexibility is a key component to success in the dance world. This makes a class that emphasizes improving that ability crucial. The Stretching classes at DanceHouse Miami are designed to improve each student’s overall range of motion. Limitations and imbalances will be addressed, and students also may find that their body alignment improves with continued practice. Advanced stretching techniques further are recommended for minimizing injuries and after-class soreness.
Acro classes
Perhaps no other form of dance requires the grace, power and precision of acro. It’s the dance form for artists who aren’t afraid to break boundaries, and for those who don’t think that dancing has to mean being on your feet.
Acro dance class is designed to help young dancers develop the strength and flexibility that this unique form of artistry demands. We encourage safe stretching techniques and the gradual development of strength to ensure a progression that respects the dancer’s body. The result is artists who are capable of performing complicated tumbling maneuvers that are combined with a foundation of classical dance technique to deliver a breathtaking performance.
First, what exactly is ballroom dancing? Ballroom dancing comes from the Latin word “Ballare, which means to dance, and it has been around a very long time. It was first recorded in 1588, originally being used only by royalty and the privileged. In the early 20th century, it became a popular pastime, especially when movies embraced ballroom dancing as entertainment with famous dancers like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astair.

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Dancehouse has amazing instructors! Rochelle and Alex are gems! Truly a great place to learn and grow as dancers! #DHM

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Great studio, director and instructor are amazing.

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Rochelle Fereira is a star teacher! If you want your child to receive elite dance training, bring them here!

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Rochelle is professional and always has a positive attitude! Definitely recommend this dance studio!

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