Payments are monthly and must be received by the 1st of the month. Payments received after the 5th will inure a $15.00 late fee. We are not responsible for payment reminders, and do not extend payments, or credit missed classes.
Notices and newsletters will be posted on the lobby’s bulletin board, and on WhatsApp. . Dancehouse is not responsible for payment reminders.
The studio must be notified via email or phone prior to a student missing class. A “MAKE UP CLASS” may then be taken within the same month. If the same class is not available or convenient, the student can make up a similar class in any age appropriate level (with the permission of the teacher). There are no make up classes for the days that we are closed for holidays.
Students must wear their complete UNIFORM for every class and have their HAIR IN A BUN. If a student is not in uniform, they will be given a WARNING. If they are not in uniform a second time, they will not be allowed to take class that day.

DANCEHOUSE IS NOT responsible for any student leaving the premises without permission.

DANCEHOUSE IS NOT responsible for any items forgotten or left in the studio.

We recommend name-tags on dance bags, shoes, etc.